Pavement Module

The SAM IS® Pavement module can be used to inventory pavement and survey its condition, helping you to properly budget and plan for future work in your community.

Its analysis capabilities can help you build scenarios to understand and forecast needs, priorities, and lifecycle costs. The configurable reporting function helps you communicate pavement condition information and data using maps, dashboards, and reports suitable for virtually any audience. This allows you to present pavement recommendations, as well as the need and impact of the investment, all while knowing the results are backed by a proven, data-driven methodology.

Because improving the efficiency and longevity of your road system is also essential, the SAM IS® platform allows for information about condition surveys and the progress of work repairs to be collected in the field. These records are connected to their respective pavement segments and can be used to generate a historical list of actions performed. You can use this data to investigate a pavement segment with a click of the button, while seeing the segment on a map.

The SAM IS® Pavement module builds on VHB’s 30 years of experience using RoadManager GPMS, and is our next-generation pavement management and lifecycle analysis solution. As a configurable platform, SAM IS® can be integrated into your existing business process and enhance the workflow, from inventory to maintenance. The platform uses Esri’s ArcGIS Online and works with your agency’s GIS data.