Environmental Compliance

Environmental Compliance Module

The SAM IS® Environmental Compliance module provides agencies with a tool and guidance on how to operate and implement the inspection and monitoring programs around any number of facility locations. It can be used in the initial assessment of potential releases of oil and/or hazardous materials (OHM), as well as in inspection program efforts.

SAM IS® helps agencies identify any circumstances of Activity and Use Limitation (AUL) non-compliance on their properties, as well as the site-specific AUL conditions. It also can be used to create various surveys and activities to support inspectors in determining if the conditions of an AUL are satisfied, or if additional maintenance is required.

Each module is mobile phone- or tablet-based, and can be implemented entirely on-site during the physical inspection. Once completed, these modules are compiled into an AUL Site Inspection Summary Report. The report provides a comprehensive overview of the site’s current conditions, in addition to a summary of the AUL restrictions and obligations currently present.