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Built by VHB, the SAM IS® platform is a cloud-hosted, configurable solution that helps you inventory, inspect, maintain, and manage your physical assets.

SAM IS® uses your agency’s existing GIS data and leverages Esri’s ArcGIS Online platform. Plus, it’s cost-effective: SAM IS® a modular-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) solution—so you’re only buying what you need, when you need it.  SAM IS® offers:
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  • Understand your asset inventory through data collection capabilities, a user-friendly GIS-based mapping interface, dashboard summaries of asset condition, and customizable reports.

    SAM IS® gives you the tools to communicate and use your information. Through configurable dashboards and reports, it turns the data you collect into knowledge you can share.

    The system allows you to easily input and evaluate your asset inventory and current conditions.

  • Analyze your assets to determine their condition and needs. Forecast their depreciation, and determine a budget and work plan for managing them into the future.

    The SAM IS® resource management tool will help you proactively prepare for the future, rather than react to existing conditions.

    The tool generates comprehensive reports, so you know exactly what needs to be improved—and when and where. This helps you to put a plan in place, and to save time and money.

  • Schedule and manage maintenance and improvement efforts. Collect, query, and store surveys, inspections, and repair records with the asset's data.

    SAM IS® helps you understand and connect to your data. It makes managing, strategizing, analyzing, and planning for your assets easier.

    You can also recall historic maintenance actions on an asset, monitor progress on active or scheduled work, and view records spatially on your local network.

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