Building Module

The SAM IS® Building module can be used to inventory buildings and monitor work completed on buildings. Tracking capital improvements and documentation for municipality-maintained buildings aids future analysis needs, including infrastructure and cost estimations.

Rather than answering a question by searching through files or past contract or purchase orders for services, SAM IS® allows users to find a building’s work history simply by clicking on the asset location. The user can interact with the GIS map to review the site information such as plans, contracts, photos, and condition assessment. Building attributes may include location, building name, parcel identifier, historical data, capital improvement data, and other attributes as requested by the customer.

As a SAM IS® standard, the Building module accommodates a customer’s existing building inventory data, and permits adding new locations within the SAM IS® viewer. The SAM IS® dashboard contains and displays useful reference data, while configurable queries and reports for building data help plan and budget for future capital improvements.